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The CIO Network makes a difference.

We help senior IT executives in Australia to face their most pressing challenges. We bring them together to learn from the best in industry. The insights our members get help them to be more effective and get improved results.

We are a membership-based peer to peer knowledge sharing forum

Committing to ongoing professional development with the CIO Network will help you to stand out among your peers and to lead more effectively.

Our members benefit in many ways

Effective networking that enhances staff capabilities and performance

Peers in attendance are all from large organisations facing similar leadership and management challenges. Access senior executives and CIOs as mentors further develops knowledge and skills.

Relevant case studies and actionable ideas in a vendor free environment

Small discussion groups enable attendees to set the agenda that is most relevant to them. They bring back practical ideas from peer experiences which can be applied to your organisation. Discussions are in total confidence - CIO Network events are vendor free and are not open to members of the press.

Reduced cost, increased ROI, and improved efficiency

Access practical and personalised information directly from peers when considering new projects, technology implementations, new vendors as well as emerging technologies. Benchmark your organisation effectively. Learn from others' experience of tackling challenges that parallel yours.

The ability to influence our agenda

Our members are able to directly influence the shape, content and future direction of the CIO Network. We are based locally in Australia with a presence in Sydney and Melbourne.

Our communities of interest

From PMO to Applications, Infrastructure and Enterprise Architecture, we cover all major topics CIOs are facing today.

Key focus areas

See what we can offer you

In addition to discussion sessions, we provide a 'business dating' service, a mentoring scheme and can help with facilitation of lessons learnt on projects.

Our services

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Our discussion sessions are also open to the public when space is available. View the event you'd like to attend to see its price for non-members. 

If this is the first event you are attending with the CIO Network, please contact us to find out about the special rate we can offer you.

What our clients say

  • I got good insight from hearing about peer experiences. The topics were relevant to my organisation and I could see opportunities for practical application.

  • We’d been thinking about adopting agile methods in our organisation for some time. The CIO Network introduced us to a manager from Insuranceline, who invited us to see agile in action. Inspired by what we saw and learned, we are now implementing a new SAP module using an agile approach.

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