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“The Key to Business Transformation is Culture”: Gartner

We build great change leaders.

To effectively respond to technology disruption and the speed of change. CIOs need to have the right leaders and mangers in place to create a change ready culture

We improve employee engagement

We work with leaders and their teams to provide a sense of meaning and purpose at work

We improve productivity

Reducing stress and better well-being at work are critical in helping leaders create an stress free working environment which boosts productivity.

The Role of IT Leadership is Changing

IT leaders need to further build their leadership capability as their primary role becomes stakeholder engagement

Key focus areas

How Can We Help You Transform Effectively?

Our thought leadership is focused on addressing specific people issues faced by IT leaders which are critical in helping create a nimble culture .

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What our clients say

  • I got good insight from hearing about peer experiences. The topics were relevant to my organisation and I could see opportunities for practical application.

  • We’d been thinking about adopting agile methods in our organisation for some time. The CIO Network introduced us to a manager from Insuranceline, who invited us to see agile in action. Inspired by what we saw and learned, we are now implementing a new SAP module using an agile approach.

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