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Overcoming Challenges of Benefits Management

Identifying real benefits – are they realisable and measurable?
Are they soft benefits that may never add to the bottom line?
Does the business embrace them?
External and internal change can diminish benefits – how to recognise such change?
What impact does a benefit change have on the program/project/portfolio viability?

Benefits ignored after project implementation.
Poor tracking of benefits against original Business Case
No reporting of benefit collection.
When tracked the accuracy of the data is always an issue.

Lesson applied

Provide transparency, integrity and consistency by publishing a comprehensive Benefits Management.
Engage senior leadership, report regularly to Executive level.
Poor data breeds distrust, build a bullet-proof collection mechanism.
Publish Benefit Realisation Plans which contain a quantifiable set of measures
Benefits are dynamic – use formal change management
Educate Steering Committees that benefits are as important to track as budget, schedule etc.
Withdraw and restart if confidence is lost.

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Session leader
Gerry Butler Group Portfolio Office Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd

Date(s) - 15 Oct 2015
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Royal Automobile Club of Australia (RACA)



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