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Upcoming Event: Big Values in Big Business

5.30pm, December 2, Tattersalls Club, 181 Elizabeth St. Sydney

Big business leadership over the years has been criticized for leading by fear and misunderstanding the basic building blocks of business and focusing purely on return on investment and profit growth.The two industries that stand out in the crowd are the technology and financial services sectors.

Professionals in these sectors are amongst the highest paid business executives within Australia;this in itself drives home even harder the perception for tighter bottom lines and rigid performance indicators.However, there are a growing number of senior executives who radically oppose the typical stereo type of the “command and control” leader and are in fact, on the cutting edge of a new leadership paradigm.<p>The idea of big values in big business is an oxymoron;

Humanity in Business’vision is to effect change by bringing business leaders who have a knack for bringing the most complex business challenges down to the fundamentals and the ability to focus on the basics to make change towards authentic leadership.

Being true to your values is challenging. Doing so in a large corporation with multiple stakeholders, trying to making choices and deciding what to do, despite the clutter of the day to day business and complexity of the real world,requires true courage.

Humanity in Business believes these leaders have the courage to create a new paradigm in corporate cultureby driving change to a values-based leadershipculture and by shifting the perception, so business and community outcomes improve.

Join us for an evening of inspiration to learn how you can embody values in your leadership and be the change you want to see in your organisation.

5.30pm Networking Drinks and Art Exhibition. Refreshments served.

6pm Welcome Muneesh Wadhwa, Founder Humanity in Business

6.05pm Tony Heywood,VP & Head AGC Networks Australia Pty Ltd

Values: Humility & Empathy
Everyone Matters

In today’s business world it is easy to assume a higher level of personal involvement in reaching business goals than is actually the case. Tony will communicate how the values of Humility and Empathy led to the development of his Five Guiding Principles for business Success.

  • You can make a difference
  • People are inspired by direction
  • Good research and quick decision making create a collegiate sense of urgency
  • The goals of the team are more important than the goals of the individual
  • Balance and Rejoicing are both needed
6.25pm Q&A

6.35pm Attendee Round Table Discussion: What do Humility and Empathy mean to you? How can you be more humble and/or empathetic in the work place?

6.50pm James Sheffield General Manager Mobile Banking and Mortgage Innovation(Third Party and Mobile Banking) Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Value: Compassion
“Keep a Small Fire but Keep it Warm” – the Lessons I Took from both Cancer and the Financial Cancer of the GFC

  • Interdependence – understanding that everyone counts and better decisions are made when the maximum best interests of all are considered
  • Looking to give and not just take which creates authentic leadership
  • Having a life perspective which helps deal with the stress of business
7.10pm Q&A

7.20pm Attendee Round Table Discussion: What does compassion mean to you? How can you be more compassionate in the work place?

7.40pm Emilio Gonzalez Chief Executive Officer BT Investment Management Limited

Values: Integrity and Authenticity
Building a business around strong ethics, integrity and being “real”, rewards staff, clients and business owners

  • How integrity speaks all languages
  • Being ethical and authentic to one self and others helps set a common platform for decision making
  • Integrity is often used but seldom applied when it really matters. It’s when it matters it has the biggest impact and more so when it is personal
8pm Q&A

8.10pm Attendee Round Table Discussion What do integrity and authenticity mean to you? How can you show more integrity and be more authentic in the work place?

8.30 Networking Drinks(Cash Bar) & Close

Investment: $95 +GST
Table of 10:
$850 +GST includes company signage Tickets include substantial canapés.